About me

Alumni of Le Wagon Coding bootcamp(bath 394 Tokyo)

Highly motivated and dedicated developer, having experience in multiple industries

Passionate about programming and excited to learn more!

I am currently coding in various of languages like: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/Vue.js, Python, Django HTML/CSS

and few of other technologies

Interested in Investing, Fincances, Blockchain, I love Books, Sport(ex Handball player and Capoeira player)

Born in Poland. In age of 18 had shor period of living in Germany.

2011/2012 used to live in UK. After graduation moved to Sydney

Australia and spend there 5.

Finally in 2018 arrived in Japan and stayed here. 2020 decided to

changed completely my life one more time and I become Full Stack Developer.

Currently I am looking for job opportunity in Tokyo/Chiba

Contact me and let's talk about coding!

My Demo Day
at Le Wagon

My WebApps